Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Ph.D., born in Cologne, Germany, is Assistant Professor of Theatre at Concordia University in Montreal Canada, where she teaches acting, directing, history, and dramaturgy. With a strong background in performing and directing, Neuerburg-Denzer's research and teaching interest focuses on emotion studies for performers, and the connection between historical performance styles and contemporary practice.

After a decade of independent theatre work in Berlin with a specialization in physical theatre, she co-founded Richard Schechner's East Coast Artist in NY. Since 1996, Neuerburg-Denzer has been a full-time teacher of acting, directing, theater history and theory. She is a certified Rasabox instructor, and volunteers regularly at the Bread & Puppet Theatre in Vermont.

Her most recent article High Emotion- Rasaboxes in the Emo Lab: Emotion Training for Actors in the Twenty First Century, was published in Theatres of Affect. An essay on the collaborative project with Floyd Favel on the housing crisis on Northern reserves, Attawapiskat is no Exception will be published in a collection called Dream Houses.